Fitz Houston's Greatest Hits Keyboard Praise 

I want to take time to thank all those supporting and purchasing my music in the past. This is just an announcement that I have compiled all of my Jammin' With the Lord CD mellow jazz keyboard selections, in addition with some recent selections into a one hour and 21 minute mix of music written coming out of prayer.  The legendary gospel artist, the late Andre Crouch once shared with me that the reason God poured so much music into his spirit was because he would never touch his keyboard before praying first, something I had never done before.  This entire collection of music came out as ideas during of my first time following his advice and wisdom.  Then over time they were developed into the selections in Jammin' With the Lord CD and the newer songs in this collection. 

This mp3 also includes all of the songs in the background and other times featured during my daily YouTube LIVE bible study, Golden Nuggets LIVE.  If you are looking to experience a nice mellow inspirational jazz mix, please check out "Fitz Houston's Greatest Hits Keyboard Praise" mp3. 

God bless you in all that you do. 

Minister Fitz Houston