Jammin' With the Lord CD

Jammin' With the Lord

Fitz Houston

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This CD was birthed out of a special experience which I will always hold dear. One day, several years ago, when speaking with the late Pastor Andre Crouch, after asking him how did music constantly pour out of him like it did. The golden nugget he gave me was, "Never touch your instrument without praying first." I was convicted as soon as he said it because out of all the years of playing piano and then trumpet, I had never done that even once and never throught about it. Since all of my composing starts on the piano I tried this new approach the very next week and sure enough 16 song ideas came forth from the Holy Spirit. I had to hit capture on my keyboard so I could remember the ideas fast enough so I could go back later and form them into complete songs. What was different about this batch of songs is I did not hear the flugelhorn as the lead instrument but piano instread. I hadn't played the piano as far as any kind of solo line in over 30 years, yet each day I work on the songs I heard them completed in my head completed as keyboard selections. Knowing how many years it been since I seriously played the keyboard, and at my age now, I prayed to the Lord for a special favor. Since I don't have the patience to go back and relearn what I lost when I stopped playing piano and went to the trumpet and flugelhorn years ago. I asked the Lord to bless my hands so that I could at least play all the songs on this CD myself for my enjoyment and capture the true feeling of each songs. And , praise God, He did just that, blessed my hands. I by no means consider my keyboard skill level to any great jazz keyboardists past or present, and my ultimate dream would be for a great jazz pianist to take these songs to another level on a remake CD. So far I have been blessed by a few classical pianists who may rerecord my classical/jazz ballad, "Just You and Me, Lord," praise God. And so here they is my third CD, Jammin' With the Lord, birthed 100% from a solid week of prayer, creating with the Lord. Since that time, even my practice time with the Flugelhorn is not just practicing but instead giving the Lord praise while practicing. Now that I have finished the latest CD, "Rappin' and Praisin' His Name", I have committed to go back and complete the other 8 songs that came out of that special experience.

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